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Crono TT Aero Bottle Kit Includes Carbon Cage and 400 ml Aero Bottle


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  • Whilst many teams continue to race and win using our Crono CX aero bottle and cage system, extensive consultation and testing over the 2018 season demonstrated a requirement for something different in certain situations
  • Designed for riders that prefer the feel of a more traditional bottle the Crono TT is a narrow, 66 mm, 400 ml bottle with an aerodynamic frontal area
  • The narrower profile tucks it behind the broader, kamm-tail style downtubes used by many modern aero frames, greatly reducing turbulence compared to a full width bottle
  • In use this is a halfway house between our Crono CX system and a traditional bottle, giving better aerodynamic properties than a traditional cage but with a form some riders will find more practical to use
  • Custom 66 mm carbon racing rage weighs only 20 grams, contributing to a total system weight of just 70 grams
  • Bottle is 100% BPA Free