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Ceepo Shadow-R Frameset


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A few years ago, the Ceepo R&D team were ready to design a bold frame.
At the start of this project, they met Damon Millar who had an idea to turn
the fork sideways, to make it invisible to the wind and shield the front
wheel, allowing a smaller rim height on tri bikes. A few weeks later Ceepo
decided to evolve this idea into a bold new type of aero-fork, and a bike
frame that took advantage of its unique wind-shadow. The Shadow frame
project was launched.

They started with a beam main frame with all sections shaped as truncated
airfoils. It's been designed it so it can be assembled with normal parts and
serviced by travelling athletes with regular tools. The idea evolved into a
totally new patent-pending concept of aero-fork that blends seamlessly
into the main frame.

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Ceepo shadow-r frameset yellow/black sm, Ceepo shadow-r frameset yellow/black me, Ceepo shadow-r frameset yellow/black lg